Glenn Basgaard

Full Stack Developer


I'm a full-stack web developer
based in the greater NYC/NJ area.
I have a strong passion for anything web related,
particularly creating web apps and the combination of design + functionality.
You can take a gander at my résumé here.

What I do


I enjoy developing CRUD apps with Node + Express and Ruby-On-Rails. Agile development is the name of the game. React is also something that tickles my fancy.


Like many web developers, my first introduction into this crazy world was through HTML and CSS. I started off designing basic sites that looked like they came straight out of the '90s, but over time I've developed more of an affinity for mobile-first responsive design. I enjoy hand-coding certain things as well as working with frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation and Materialize.


I'm always trying to further advance my skills as a developer in all aspects. I got my start on sites like codecademy, codeschool and teamtreehouse, which I still use to brush up on certain things. The best way to learn though is by doing, so I make sure to work on projects of my own that I'm passionate about. I believe making continuous commits to GitHub allows me to excel as a web developer.

Free Time

When I'm not behind the screen you can find me with my nose in a book, traveling, enjoying the outdoors, sharing in the groove at a Phish show, sampling craft beer, discoverying new tunes, or taking photos among other things.


/snews Slack App

/snews is a custom-built Slack App, built with Node and Express, that utilizes the NewsAPI to display the most recent news stories from various sources within Slack. It's a little passion project of mine. All you've gotta do is type the slash command "/snews" into your message bar, followed by whichever source you'd like to check out and voilà. You've got a nice and neat list of that source's top stories!

A single-page Wordpress site for a short film by Dan DiFelice. Designed and coded the site's layout, working closely with the back-end developer.

Music Community App

I worked alongside a team of 5 to come up with this doohicky. A music community web-app, built in Ruby-On-Rails, that utilizes Spotify's oAuth for log in. Once logged in, members can create "mood boards" that other members can make add song suggestions to, thus creating collaborative playlists that can later be saved to your own Spotify account.



JavaScript + jQuery


Node + Express

Ruby + Rails


Bootstrap + Foundation



Git/GitHub/Version Control



Organic Farming